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ACFT30 exists to help every soldier achieve and maintain optimum performance on the Army Combat Fitness Test.

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Top inspirational fitness personality

Meet Ben

After an amazing personal transformation, Ben Booker has risen to become one of America's top inspirational fitness personalities. He has a deep passion for partnering with civilian and Military organizations to advance Soldiers' mental and physical health. Ben has worked with the Life of a Warrior project to deliver inspirational messages and live workouts across multiple U.S. military bases.

Ben is also founder of Second Chance Lifestyle, the inventor of the Razor Hybrid Crossover, a national cover model, a sought-after motivational speaker, and founder of the Second Chance Fitness 24 Hour Gym. As Lead Instructor of the ACFT30 program, he is commited to help Soldiers maintain fitness and balance in all areas of their lives.


Esther B.

“I just finished Kickstart Upper and I’m smoked. It’s a good video and it covers a range of movements. I also got a good cardio workout out of it.”


Valerie K.

“I’m on week two and feel like I’m not breathing as heavy, and doing a full set is more attainable now. Great workout.”


Brad S.

“I like that you were explaining what parts of the body it was working, and how it was preparing us for the ACFT.”


Darrell W.

“It really targeted areas we need for the ACFT and areas I’ve been working on. Core, glutes, thighs. The squatting curls got a deep burn in for me.”


Emily B.

“I thought it was pretty awesome. I’m sweating, I’m out of breath, my heart rate got up, my arms feel like Jello. Great workout.”


Jessica N.

“Feeling really strong about this, excited to keep going.”

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  • Two mile run training program
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  • Two month calendar
  • Basics, Intermediate & Advanced Levels
  • Two mile run training program
  • Six Foundations Workouts
  • Six Elite Workouts
  • Sprint Drag-Carry Training Guide
  • Hanging Knee Tuck Training Guide
  • Hand Release Pushup Training Guide
  • Standing Power Throw Training Guide
  • Max Deadlift Training Guide
  • 60 Day Results Guarantee

  • Maximize Your ACFT Scores

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